Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Barter Goods

When the day comes that Christians won't be able to buy or sell, or that the nation suffers massive upheaval, many believe that bartering will once again be vital to survival. To that end those that are preparing are collecting items that might be useful as "trade goods". These are based on what items have been sought after in other countries around the world.

alcohol(medicinal ONLY) knives, hatchets, axes
aluminum foil magnifying glasses
ammunition, mainly 22 and 12g nails and screws
band-aids(all sizes) needle and thread
batteries and/or solar chargers non-electric hand tools
bleach OTC medicines
books, general
books on food prep/storage pigs
books on gardening card or boardgames
books on medicinal plants pocket knives
bows and arrows Bibles
bug repellent peroxide or rubbing alcohol
candles rabbits
candy razors
canned and dried food rubber bands
canning jars, lids, spare rubber safety pins
cattle salt
chickens scissors
cigarettes (sadly) shields
cloth diapers shoes and laces
coffee filters as water filters silicon spray
coffee or tea simple water filters
combs soap
cooking oil socks and underwear
cordage spices, esp. pepper
disposable gloves storage buckets w/lids
drink flavors swords
duct tape tarps
eating & cooking utensils toilet paper
eye glass repair kits toothbrushes
feminine products toothpaste
finger nail clippers tweezers
fish hooks and line utility knives
flint veggie seeds(heirloom)
flipflops cooking pots or bowls
garden tools(hoe, shovel, rake) windup radios
glues(any kind) winter or rain coats
goats work gloves
Gold ziplock baggies
horses matches

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