Thursday, July 5, 2007

How Not to Be a Refugee

We've all seen those pictures of hundreds and thousands of people jamming some dusty road as they flee a pursuing enemy. We say "how sad" and settle back in our recliner happy that we live in the USA and that something like that could never happen here.

Wait a minute! Are you sure??? Have you seen the images of the thousands of cars crammed headlight to taillight on every road out of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Guaranteed those folks were not out for a leisurely Sunday drive! Those were refugees. So, yes, it can happen in the US.

What do you think is happening now in parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas in the wake of weeks of rain and flooding. There are refugees being created everyday and the Red Cross and FEMA are being stretched pretty thin.

What would happen in this country if there was, in one day, a massive earthquake on the West Coast, another Katrina on the Gulf Coast, a super tornado that swept through 10 states in the midwest, and a coordinated terrorist attack that devastated some of our major cities?

Our government is advising us to make some kind of preparation to survive in case of another disaster. Even purchasing a 72-hour emergency survival kit is better than sitting on your butt and waiting for FEMA to rescue you. I can guarantee that should somekind of nationwide disaster occur those relief agencies would not be a lot of help.

Just look back at what happened in New Orleans in the days immediately following the hurricane. If you don't want to be one of the masses waiting in some filthy congested stadium, then make your plans now before it's too late.

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