Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Lightweight Foods for Bugout Bag

If you think that in an emergency you might have to leave your home and stored foods, then you will want to include some lightweight foods in your bugout bag. While some people prefer to include some of those high-energy, calorie-rich emergency food bars, I prefer to include foods that are much more affordable and will fill me up.

The food bars give you all you daily calories in a portion that approximately the size of a Vienna sausage...like that's gonna fill you up! There are some items that I include and that don't strain the budget.

Ramen - light-weight, easily mixed with other ingredients and cheap. I usually watch the sales when they go for 10 cents a package. Then I'll buy several flats. I can use them now, as is, and I also smash a couple of packages and include it with other dehydrated meats and vegetables and vacuum seal to make a nourishing soup.

Jerky - Commercially-prepared jerky is too expensive. However, I watch for beef roasts, etc to go on sale and then stock up. I then make my own jerky, which I can then vacuum seal.

Tuna - I don't buy those foil packages of tuna. I'll watch for the 2/$1 sales and stock up. I then dehydrate the tuna and vacuum seal. Much easier to pack in a bugout bag, and easily rehydrated with a little water.

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