Monday, July 9, 2007

One Year's Supply of Food

One Year's Supply of Food
storage for 2 people on $10 a week

Someone sent me a list of how to accumulate a one-year supply of food for two people. This can be accomplished by setting aside $10 per week and buying from a proscribed list, certain items each week.

While that's fine in theory, I think you have to be practical about it at the same time. Print off the list and take it with you to the store. If the item this week is two cans of tuna, but you notice that macaroni and cheese is on sale even though it's not on your list to buy for another two weeks.

What do you buy? Duh! Buy what's on sale, then mark it off the list. By watching the sales you can possibly accumulate more for less money.

Only buy it if it's something that your family eats. If you don't eat it now, you'll have a difficult time eating it during a disaster. For instance, I don't eat a lot of tomato-based foods, therefore I am not including those items in my long-term food storage plans.

Of course, if it was a matter of starvation, I would even eat pecans (which I avoid like the plague, now).

Another word of advice: Always check the expiration dates of items that you buy. I was in Kroger a couple of weeks ago and picked up a muffin mix. I was stunned to see that that package had expired six months ago! Curious, I then proceeded to check several of the other packaged mixes. I discovered that was NOT a one-time thing. Always check the expiration date.

To see the list and learn more, click here.

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