Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Other Lightweight Foods

There are a lot of foods that while you might purchase them in cans, are easily dehydrated, turning them into light-weight and more easily portable foods. These are items which are also often on sale.

Chili - Watch for the sales on cans of chili con carne. Recently the local Walmart had their brand on sale for 2/$1. Stock up! I open the cans, spread the chili on the solid tray normally used for making fruit leathers. While the chili does take a long time to dry, the result is a high-protein food that is easily packed. Hint: after drying, before packaging, run it thru a food processor just enough to break up the clumps. It'll vacuum-packed more easily.

Fruit - Canned peaches dry up beautifully. Drain off the syrup and rinse in water, then slice each peach portion lengthwise and spread on the drying trays. Once the peaches are about half-way thru dehydrating, turn them over and finish drying (they tend to stick otherwise). They'll end up as fruit leather.

Canned meat - Any type of canned meat can be drained and dehydrated. It can then be eaten as a type of "jerky" or it can be added to dried cooked rice, potato flakes or ramen to make a tasty soup. (Don't forget the vegetables).

Tomorrow I'll tell you how to create your own dried cheese powder.

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