Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Sooner Than You Think?

I know some people believe that there are another 20 or more years before we see the tribulation and all it's horrible events. I disagree. I believe we are standing on the rim and looking into the center of a volcano. It's been dormant for millenia and many believe that it won't erupt for years, but it's going to explode in our faces with a force that most of us can't even imagine.
Yesterday I promised to give you a recipe: This is one that I've made recently and it is very easy to put together and reconstitutes very well.

3 pkg ramen - chicken flavored (crushed)
1 pkg frozen kernal corn, dehydrated
1 pkg frozen peas, dehydrated
3 chicken breasts from a roasted chicken, dehydrated, chopped in a food processor.
1 T chicken buillion
1 T minced onions
1 t basil or marjoram
1 t black pepper
1 T garlic powder

Mix this all together in a large bowl. Using a 1 cup measure, pour 1 cup into a zippered, heavy-duty freezer bag (pint or quart size). Seal the bag forcing all the air out. These can be kept in the freezer, as is, and cooked by reconstituting with 2 cups of boiling water. The freezer bag can also be used as the cooking pot, by adding the hot water in the bag.

For long-term storage: use vacuum sealer bags instead of freezer bags and vacuum seal. Once vacuum sealed they will last for at least a year, probably longer.

You can also use those oxygen-remover packets in the freezer bags to increase their shelf-life. Just remove the ORPs before adding the hot water.

This makes one good hearty serving of chicken vegetable soup or can even be divided into two servings in a survival situation.


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