Thursday, July 12, 2007

Threat Analysis Indicator

I've added a new feature, the "Threat Analysis Indicator" at the top of the right sidebar. This will help you know what our Nation's threat level is currently. It's interesting that as I write this it is only yellow, when just a day or so ago the head of Homeland Security said on public television that he had a "gut feeling" that there would be another terrorist attack in the US before the end of summer.

You would think that if that were really the case that the threat level would be at least orange. Then again they (meaning the powers that be) don't want to scare us. Duh. Go ahead and scare people! Wake them up to the fact that we are living on the knife's edge of destruction, and that the only way to have a chance of survival is to make some preparations now while they still can.

But the government won't go that far. Instead, the task of sounding a warning is given over to folks that are considered to be alarmists and wackos. Which the news, the media and the "wise" make jokes about. Just remember the phrase "he who laughs last"...although in order to have the last laugh a terrible tragedy would have to occur. So I guess I would rather be laughed at and humbly accept it now, and pray that there is never a chance to have the last laugh.

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