Thursday, August 2, 2007

Minneapolis Bridge Collapses - Terrorists?

The main bridge on I-35W that crosses the Mississippi River and connects Minneapolis and St. Paul collapsed during last evening. At this point there are seven confirmed dead.

What I find somewhat interesting is that this happened one day after the interview I mentioned yesterday, where some kind of terrorist attack was being planned within the next ninety days. This rumored attack would have something to do with transportation.

The question came up in my home last night as we were watching the news coverage of the bridge collapse if it could have possibly been a terrorist attack...maybe a run through. Interesting thought? I mean who would think of Minneapolis as a target for a terrorist hit?

Side Note: I went to North Central Bible College in downtown Minneapolis (oh, wow! 30 years ago!!) (and no, I don't feel that old!) about a mile or so (if that) from where that bridge collapsed.

There's nothing on the news today to even hint at the possibility of a terrorist attack on the bridge, but I do wonder. I mean, what would cause a structurally sound bridge to collapse in multiple points.

My next wonder is: will the American people even been told if it is determined that it was indeed a terrorist attack? Or will the fear of causing a panic (what a great excuse!) make the powers that be keep quiet?

I guess there's nothing to do right now but keep our ears to the ground to listen for even a hint of "terrorism" attached to the bridge collapse.

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