Saturday, February 7, 2009

Make Every Day Count

As I was reminded by the person who commented on my last post, it's been three months since the election and since that post. The week after the election I did go to the local gun show and pick up a .22 rifle. The place was absolutely packed! I'd been to gun shows before, but had never seen crowds like that. I asked if this was unusual, and was told that it was very unusual.

I listened to what people were saying and they were there because they feared the new president that had just been elected was going to take away their freedom to own a gun.

I've also geared up my preps. I now am a rabbit farmer, raising rabbits for meat. I'm starting my garden (that's my project for this weekend).

I'm also teaching a class on prophecy at my church. That's the amazing thing about my pastor is that he doesn't claim to know everything about the Bible and he's willing to learn.

There are a couple of eguides that you all might find helpful in preparing. I've written a couple of them and one was written by a friend who is Native American and knows her stuff when it comes to plants and what they are good for. Check them out: "Medicinal Plants, from Your Backyard and Beyond", "Coast to Coast Survival Plants" and "Raising Rabbits for Meat".

If you are not preparing you need to be. While I believe the Word has much to say about how God will protect and provide for the Elect during the Tribulation, the Bible also has much to say about the wisdom of preparing. Jesus Himself mentions Noah as an example of what it will be like in the days in the end. I don't believe that was coincidence, especially when we are told at another point that "Noah prepared to the saving of his household".

Joseph prepared in the good times for the seven years of bad...coincidence that we are looking at approximately 7 years of bad? Don't think so.

We are told the ant lays in store for the winter.

Can we do less than to prepare, especially when we see disaster coming? I don't think so. In fact, if you are a man of God and you are not preparing for your family's survival and to help others during what's coming, then YOU are worse than an infidel! If you are focusing on getting that new boat and other "toys" rather than in buying long-term storage foods, then you are being reckless and not the man God intends you to be.

Women if you are more concerned about your nails than you are buying a few extra cans of tuna when you go shopping then you are not looking after the needs of your household. Someday those fancy nails are going to be broken and useless as you struggle to grow a garden to feed your family. Of course, that may not happen if you've had your hair done instead of buying garden seeds.

We are in economic hard times and folks, the times are getting worse. I believe we are seeing the black horse of economic hard times and famine riding towards us with a vengence. You better think about getting those garden seeds! You'd better think about how you're going to heat your house if the power goes out! You'd better know a lot of things beside what the latest sports score is and how to apply the perfect mascara.

Wake up America! There is NO rapture! We are not going to get out of here before a lot of really nasty things happen. God is getting ready to judge this country because our government is going to force Israel to divide her land for peace. When that happens what we've done will be done to us. Our land will be divided and we will be brought down. Get right, get ready and get buckled in, 'cause we are in for a rough ride.

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