Monday, August 21, 2017

Surrounded by Fear

Someone on Facebook (one of my "Christian" friends) just shared a short video showing people being scared out of their wits by a prank. Picture being in an elevator where the it suddenly stops and the lights begin to flicker and then go off. After a few seconds the lights come on only to reveal another person in the elevator. This is a child with long wild hair, an intense expression, dressed in a shin-length white shapeless gown, loosely clutching a bald-headed doll. Suddenly the child screams, and the immediate reaction by the other passenger(s) is immediate terror, accompanied by their own screams of terror.

Funny...haha? No.

Those people were absolutely terrified, and I didn't find it funny. You see, fear is a spirit ("God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind") and looks for opportunities to attach to people. This is why there is an over abundance of horror films and other mediums that open doorways for a spirit of fear to attach to people.

Once overheard a woman at work describing how her young son had suddenly begun having nightmares. Then she went on to say that they had started after he spent the night at a friend's house where part of the evening's fun was to watch the movie "Chuckie". I knew immediately why the child had developed nightmares; a spirit of fear had attached itself to the child when he was scared while watching that entertainment.

Now, I've never actually watched "Chuckie" but I've seen enough glimpses of it to know that it is a terrible and perfect vehicle for delivering fear to the watcher.

Once I became aware of spiritual warfare, the Lord began opening my eyes to the many ways used by the Enemy to gain entrance to our souls (minds and emotions) and bodies. One of the most common ways is through our eyes and ears. Consider:

Fear is one of the most common spirits that plagues humans because it can enter to easily, and all too often it's because we are doing something that opens the door. Once the spirit of fear enters, then it acts as a doorkeeper for other spirits.

We have got to protect ourselves from those things that would open us up and make us vulnerable to a spirit of fear, and we must absolutely protect our children. They are the most vulnerable to such spiritual attacks.