Friday, July 20, 2012

Curse or Principality at Work in Colorado?

With the newest mass murder in Colorado this morning, I began to suspect there might be some curse or demonic principality at work in this state. Just as you can look at a city or area and often perceive the curse or demonic principality, for example when you think of the following cities you probably can immediately identify the spirit over that city (or one of the spirits): Las Vegas/Gambling; Chicago/Corruption; San Francisco/Homosexuality; New Orleans/Decadence; Hollywood/Self-Love; New York/Greed, etc.

So was something similar happening in Colorado? If so, it will show up in a look at Colorado’s history:

  1. 1864 – Sand Creek Massacre – The militia destroyed a peaceful village of Arapaho and Cheyenne in Colorado Territory. Read the truth about this massacre.
  2. 1874 - Alfred G. Packer – lead an ill-fated group of prospectors into the mountains where they got snowed in. A few months later, Packer showed up in town saying he figured the others would have beat him into town since he’d been injured and had to stay behind until he could travel. Oddly, Packer was spending money seen taken from many of the wallets he had in his possession, he also only requested whiskey, evidently not hungry. Then an Indian guide on the same trail reported finding strips of meat, which later turned out to be human flesh.
  3. 1914 – Ludlow Colorado – Nine adults and 11 children in a coal miners’ tent colony were killed by the Colorado National Guard while attempting to quell a labor strike.
  4. 1955 - John Gilbert Graham – Placed a dynamite time bomb in his mother, Daisy King’s luggage before she left her home in Denver to board a DC-6B airliner for a trip. Ten minutes after the plane took off the bomb exploded killing 44 people, including Mrs. King.
  5. 1999 – The Columbine High School shooting
Historically, when there was an altercation between settlers or the government forces and Indians, which was unjust and resulted in many native deaths, a curse was spoken against the perpetrators. For instance:

  • Curse of Tippecanoe – Also known as the 20-year curse – “…describe the regular death in office of presidents elected in years divisible by twenty, from William Henry Harrison (elected in 1840) through John Kennedy (1960). Ronald Reagan, elected in 1980, was shot and survived; George Walker Bush (2000) survived an attempt on his life unharmed.” – Courtesy of Wikipedia
  • The Cherokee Indian’s Curse – When this Cherokee drank from a spring and realized that the water was poisoned, he spoke out a curse on those that he assumed has poisoned the water and the future of the property. The curse seems to have been in a great measure realized. For about half of the time which has elapsed since its occupation by the whites began, the property so cursed has been in litigation. Click here for the full story.

Those are just two examples. Is it possible that as Chief Niwot lay dying after the Sand Creek Massacre that he cursed the citizens of Colorado? Who knows, but I wouldn’t discount it.

So perhaps I cannot pinpoint whether there’s a curse or principality at work in Colorado, but something tells me, that this is probably not the last time Colorado will be in the news with this kind of thing.


Anonymous said...

I am sharing your thought! It hit me this morning when I started looking at a map to see where Aurora and Columbine were. I said to myself "this sounds like a curse" - even though I am very suspicious of such things I do respect that they somehow exist.
So glad I found your report - you answered my questions and if I was living in that area, I would invite one of the few real Indians left who have the "know how" to execute a cleanse for Colorado - since these events start to get worst and worst.
Thank you for your report!

Cheryl said...

Thank you for your comment, Ren. It just verifies that I'm not crazy in thinking this way.

I think if the citizens of Colorado would repent before God on behalf of those who perpetrated the terrible crime that brought about such a curse, and asked forgiveness for the innocent blood shed, then that curse might be broken.

But this act would not be some shamanistic cleansing, it would have to be an act of true repentance for the sin of murder.

JMHO, of course.

Anonymous said...

I had a similar thought and started
searching the history of massacre
of Colorado, the evil of Colombine
was released to seek others when
the shooters took their own lives.

Wonder this shooter was influenced
by the evil deeds of Sand Creek.

Cynthia said...

I too had the thought this the land of Colorado is cursed. I have been searching on the internet and trying to make sense of it, because this feels like a curse. I pray that the Christ followers in Colorado would rise up and take back the ground for Christ.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia regarding the Sand Creek Massacre:

"Before Chivington and his men left the area, they plundered the tipis and took the horses. After the smoke cleared, Chivington's men came back and killed many of the wounded. They also scalped many of the dead, regardless of whether they were women, children or infants. Chivington and his men dressed their weapons, hats and gear with scalps and other body parts, including human fetuses and male and female genitalia.[30] They also publicly displayed these battle trophies in Denver's Apollo Theater and area saloons."

Human remains from the Sand Creek Massacre in eastern Colorado traveled with the Colorado Calvary back to the what is now known as the Theatre District in Denver.

Cheryl said...

Theater District? Interesting "coincidence"? The people of Colorado, in particular the Believers, need to do some repenting on behalf of the state's historical leaders, and get on their faces before God to break this curse.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous above said:

"I would invite one of the few real Indians left who have the "know how" to execute a cleanse for Colorado - since these events start to get worst and worst."

Judging from the history, what makes you think that an Indian with the 'know how' would be compelled to cleanse Colorado?

This comment displays the same kind of Euro-centric narcissism responsible for ethnic cleansing of Indians that is still prevalent today. More likely they would renew the curse than lift it. And who can blame them really?

Anonymous said...

I also came to this same conclusion! Jon benneet,movie of batman etc!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am a very intuitive person - an INFP as personality type and Colorado nearly did me in over 12 years of living there. My gut told me after a while, it's this place. Some of it was me and I've worked on that, but a lot of it was the place. I could never put my finger on it, but I felt karmically messed with by hidden forces there. I am feeling safe now that I left and living in Appalachia and am around nicer people and better energy. But there's something wrong with that place. I feel it strongly in my gut and I'm watching some of my friends die early of odd things as well. Stuff can happen anywhere, but too many weird things happened to me in Colorado. I left trumatized. I thought I would go back, but each time I did, I couldn't bring myself to live there again, so I kept moving until I found a place that had a nicer energy. Asheville, NC.

Unknown said...

I live in New England, but have felt the same thing for quite some time. I thought I was just over thinking the horrible events that have gone on in the past few years, but after googling around about my concerns I do see how the possibility of a curse is very likely. Thanks for writing your article.