Friday, August 3, 2007

A Coincidence or a Consequence

Last night I read a report that said that Condaleeza Rice on behalf of the US is once again supporting the enemies of Israel and encouraging Israel to exchange (give up) land to those whose whole purpose is to wipe the nation of Israel off the map.

This latest move by the US happened one day before the tragic collapse of a bridge in Minneapolis. I was reminded of the number of tragic events that have followed the US's previous attempts to broker peace in the Middle East by forcing Israel to give away land or make concessions that would have been detrimental to her national security.

Was the bridge incident another example of that? There have been some amazing links between tragic events like tornadoes, hurricanes, terrorist bombings, etc happening within hours of the US-led peace initiative for Israel. Every time the US has encouraged (or forced) Israel to make concessions something terrible has happened in the US.

Remember, one or two or even three times might be a coincidence. More than that and it might lead one to think "consequence". You decide. Is it coincidence or consequence?

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