Tuesday, March 25, 2008

"Jericho" Not EVEN Close to Reality

Someone mentioned a few moments ago that "Jericho" was coming on...obviously a fan.

Well, I must admit I stopped being a fan long time ago. While I was very excited about the show when it first came on, by the end of about the 6th program, I was getting very disappointed. When it started focusing on some "evil" betrayer in a high government position that pretty much totally turned me off.

I've only caught a few seconds of the shows since it was brought back and I don't regret my decision not to watch it. Personally, I think that the "recovery" has been much more rapid than would normally occur.

Initially, I liked the premise of the show, but it totally failed to focus on how people were coping with the loss of all that was familiar. Instead it turned into a conspiracy-laden farce that I think gives people that idea that if they can just make it through the first few months after 23 major cities are destroyed by nuclear bombs that everything will pretty much return to normal (electricity, vehicles running..which means there's gas..television) I mean, give me a break!

Okay, that's my "Jericho" rant.

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