Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The 2008 Election is Over

Well, we have a new President-elect and thanks to the liberal, far left electorate this country will NEVER be the same. While I'm glad to see that this country has reached the point of overlooking a man's skin color to vote a black man into the White House, the man's ultra liberal, socialist policies will forever change the USA.

One of the things he wants to do is to take away our freedom to own a gun. I've been putting off buying a gun as part of my preps and just as part of being a single woman living in the country. I think I'd better get out and buy that rifle or shotgun before the end of the year. That way I'll have it and the ammo for hunting and "varmint" control.

I would advise every person who reads this to redouble your efforts at preparedness. This is NOT the time to slack off. I believe the window of opportunity to prepare is rapidly shrinking, and I'm thankful for each extra day.

Why do I feel such a lack of hope for the future for America? For the last few weeks when I would think about the election I kept remembering what happened to ancient Israel. They wanted a king. They wanted to be like other nations around them. God warned 'em, "you'll be sorry. A king will tax you, enslave you, take your property, make you go to war and lead you away from God." They said, "we don't care. We want a king!"

God let 'em have their king(s) and everything He warned them about came to pass.

The American people have elected their king and the change that's coming isn't going to be anything like they want.

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Anonymous said...

and now three months later,looks like you were correct..double preps? tripling them and it's costing, but i may never need to catch up with the ones i'm getting behind on...peace