Sunday, April 5, 2009

Motive for Prepping

What is your motive for prepping? Why is survival preparedness a part of your life?

The one thing I try to remind other prepping Believers is that as long as you are prepping with the knowledge and intent of using those preps for the Glory of the Kingdom (aka ministering to those the Lord brings to you) then your preps will suffice. Like the widow woman with the cruse of oil who fed Elijah during the 3.5 year famine...the oil and flour never ran out.

I believe if our hearts are right, then we'll see and do the same miracles that Jesus did, even to the five loaves and three fishes. Someone is going to open their last can of chili, normally enough for maybe two people, and that can of chili will stretch to feed dozens, seconds even with some left over in the pot.

We will see fresh water come out of the rocks to quench the thirst of those the Lord is leading to places of refuge. We will see Believers walk out of cities that have been destroyed in nuclear fire, without a hint of smoke or radiation on them (like the three boys in Babylon in the firey furnace).

However...if you are prepping for the intent of surviving, by hook or by crook. I can guarantee that no matter how much you prep it will not be enough. In fact, here's a warning to those who think that by prepping they can in themselves have victory over the Mark of the Beast and the Antichrist without having a relationship with Jesus Christ: It Ain't Gonna Happen!

If you know the Word of God, but have chosen to go your own way and not acknowledge Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior...then you better get right with the Lord NOW, while there's still time. Because there's coming an endtime transfer of wealth. And I truly wonder if part of that wealth will be the food and other supplies that people like you who are thinking you can outwit and outrun God have accumulated being passed to those Believers who the Angels of the Lord will lead to your location after you have gone to meet your Maker and Judge.

Do not think that by storing a hundred years of food and weapons of every make and caliber that you are going to be able to hunker down and ride out the coming storm. Without the protection of the Most High God it will be for naught. Without knowing how to use the Weapons of Warfare as decreed by the Word of God you will be helpless against the Enemy of your soul. Without Jesus as your strong right arm, your fortress, defense and shield, you will be fodder for the Satanic forces of evil.

You can laugh, but you won't for long. The time that is upon us is going to serve to separate the sheep from the goats, the sheep being those that follow Jesus Christ and the goats being those who think they don't need to bow down to God Almighty.

And for those "Christians" who have treated God like your own Genie in the bottle that you could rub (praise a bit) and He would grant you your wishes/hearts desire...God is NOT interested in your financial prosperity! Yes He will Bless those who serve Him and seek Him first. But many of you are seeking wealth and riches and God is just another avenue to achieve your wants.

If you don't know how to operate in the Authority of the Name of Jesus and how to apply the Blood of Jesus to those situations in life that come against you, then you could be in a world of hurt! The time for seeking financial gain and prosperity has passed. If you don't repent and get into the Word of God, then you could very well hear God say "Depart from Me I never knew you!" How tragic that would be.

For those Believers who are prepping make sure you know what is your motive for prepping.

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Very interesting! I found your blog from the post on SAHM website.