Sunday, February 27, 2011

Destroyed in One Hour

Written two years ago. This is even more likely now. Are you ready when this scenario plays out in the US? What are you going to do for food, if the stores have been looted? Do you have more than a day or week's worth of food? How long is the water going to continue to run if the water company/city employees aren't there to flip switches and monitor water flow?

Everyone of you have car insurance and homeowner's insurance, most of you have medical insurance...just in case. You've been paying just-in-case insurance premiums for 10-20-30-40...50 years, but you are not prepared for the breakdown of society and life as you know it. We've always just assumed that the stores would be there, that the banks would be open and that God surely won't let anything like that happen in America.

Sorry, folks. Have you looked at what is happening in our country? Can you see the signs of unrest building? Do you think it is any coincidence that peace seems to be disappearing around the world. Hmmmm. What's the purpose of the second horseman? To take away peace. Is the second horseman running already?

What's next? Famine. Hmmmmm. It's been all over the news lately about raising food prices, not only caused by raising gas prices, but because weather around the world has destroyed crops. The government knows what's going on. Those companies that supply long-term storage food are being sold out...guess who's the biggest buyer? Yep. Our government. So while you're wondering where your next meal is coming from. Obama is going to be living high on the hog. Oops! Not pork. He's Muslim. But he'll be eating fancy freeze dried lasagna, blue berry pancakes and ice cream.

So what comes after famine? The pale horse (also described as "green" you think it is any coincidence that almost every flag of a Muslim country has green in it?) Death and Hell.

Yes, I know the Lord will provide, but it is also Biblical to prepare (look at Joseph and Noah...both prepared).

I'm not trying to scare anybody. I'm just saying...get your heads out of the sand. Prophecy is being fulfilled before our eyes. What if what you've been told all your life, does not line up with the Bible? What if, there is no rapture before the Tribulation? Jesus Himself said we would have tribulation. Yes, we're promised that we won't experience the Wrath of God. But when does the Wrath of God get poured out? What gets poured out? The vials...the last judgments.

Doesn't the gathering occur at the last trumpet? Well...think about it! If there's a last trumpet, there has to be a first trumpet. Where in end times prophecy do we see more than one trumpet being sounded? Right. The 7 trumpet judgments. Ergo, if the 7th trumpet is the "last trumpet" that signals the return of Jesus Christ and the rapture of the Church, there's some pretty nasty stuff going to happen before.

I believe, and many others believe that we are seeing just the beginning of that nasty stuff right now. If nothing else, pray about what the Lord would have you to do? Ask Him for the Truth. Read Matt 24 and Mark 13, read Revelation again. Word for word. Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the Truth. Remember in the KJV there is not a word that is insignificant.

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