Monday, December 12, 2011

He's With Me

Yes, December 11th, as I was leaving the church after morning service, I saw on my phone that my sister had called. I immediately called her back, at which time she informed me that her husband's son had been killed the night before in an auto accident.

I turned the truck around and headed back to church, knowing that the pastor and his wife would still be there. As soon as I told them what had happened, we all joined hands and began praying for the family.

As I was praying I began to hear the Lord's voice, "He's with me." Then He went on to say that with what is coming on the earth very shortly that he, George, wouldn't have been able to maintain his faith. He would have been lost for eternity. "What the enemy meant for evil, God will turn to good."

This was confirmed as a word from the Lord, when I shared this with my brother-in-law. His response was that this agreed with what the Holy Spirit had been telling him.

We may be seeing more of these sudden unexpected deaths among Believers. Instead of being overcome with grief, try to thank the Lord that in His wisdom He is taking home those who are ready, but perhaps who lack the faith and strength to stand for Him through the upcoming troubles.

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