Sunday, July 29, 2012

No Turning Back - Prepping for Eternity

Today someone posted to the Psalms91SurvivalHomestead Yahoo Group a video of a senator's speech and the standing ovation he received after his speech. Here's my response:

Won't do a bit of good, because what's happening can't be stopped. We've gone past the point of returning, and all we can do is watch as this once-great nation falls like Babylon fell. Nationally, we've turned our backs on God and judgment has started. 

Salvation is still available to individuals and small groups, but we've gotten too bloated and greedy, too full of pride and lust as a nation to bend our knee voluntarily to Almighty God. Therefore, God has decreed that this country will fall. 

This judgment has already started, so don't be thinking or even hoping that we've got years, perhaps even decades. Even now you can feel the cold wind of famine, starvation and death blowing over this land. In the midst of record-setting drought (and stopping the rain has always been a judgment of God) and unprecedented heat, many many who are listening to the Holy Spirit are putting aside every bit of food and water they possibly can.

Those who listen to the Lord, who not only prepare physically to the saving of their household, but spiritually will be the ones ready to reach out to others. If you are only preparing to survive then you will die and your preps will be given to another. If you have the attitude of "us four and no more" and plan on using a gun to protect what God has given you, then be prepared for God to take it away.

There will not be a recovery that will allow us to ever return to a "normal life". Do you read the Book? Do you recognize that we are standing on the very precipice of prophetic history? The Tribulation has started (or is so close to starting there is no difference), the Horsemen are riding. Once started it won't be stopped. The events in Daniel, Ezekiel, Matthew 25, Mark 13 and Revelation will unfold as prophecied. Then the Millenium.

The time of the greatest harvest of souls is upon us. If you are looking for a future where you will have children, watch your grandchildren play, have a fantastic career and make lots of money...don't hold your breath. You better be preparing spiritually to lead as many as the Lord brings to you into the Kingdom.

Many will be called upon to give up their lives. Are you prepared for that? Have you prepared your family to not give in to the threats that they deny Christ or see a parent or sibling killed? If you haven't, then you are neglecting their education. Have you discussed with your spouse this scenario?

We have got to get our eyes looking on the eternal and come to the realization that what is happening here is  temporal and that the only thing that matters is eternity.

So keep prepping, but do it for eternity, not just as a hedge against a future, temporary calamity.

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