Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Next Epic Disaster About to Hit the US?

If you have studied the correlation between the US's attempts to divide the land of Israel and subsequent natural, costly, disasters in the US, then you need to be aware of something. On March 20th Obama is going over to Israel (coincidentally entering six days before Passover, like Jesus did on Palm Sunday). The purpose of this visit will be to put pressure on Israel to divide her land and create a Palestinian homeland.

If that happens, Katrina, Rita, the recent mega tornadoes, and other natural disasters are going to seem like child's play. It won't just impact one small portion of the country; the entire nation will suffer in the aftermath of God's judgment for presuming to divide what He has given to the Jews.

From a Facebook friend:
Obama's trip to Israel could signal the onset of certain endtime events here in America. Click on this link to learn more. It is more than interesting! It could be vital to your very survival. The Lord has warned repeatedly through dreams and visions that when America allows Israel's land to be divided, our own land will also be divided right down the middle.

A megaquake will strike near the heartland of America and sever the commericial trafficways and the waterways of mid-America, bringing the US to its knees within hours. Bridges will collapse and the Mississippi River will become uncrossable. Semi-trucks will be stranded, as well as barges on the rivers. Life as we know it will immediately grind to a halt, and chaos will ensue.

The fragile economy will collapse. Starvation will set in. Looting. Killing. Death in the streets of America.

God will allow it. Those who bless Israel will be blessed. Those who curse Israel will be cursed.

If you live ANYWHERE in the US, you need to read this article. You will indeed be affected by the coming catastrophe.


For more information: Urgent Warning! Be Prepared!

03/16/13 - For all you who take scripture out of context to prove a pre-trib ain't gonna happen yet. How can you continue to take a verse here and a verse there and say that it means that the rapture is going to occur at the end of March, as the things above are occurring (if they do)?

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