Sunday, October 13, 2013

It was Just a Test

From the SurvivalHomestead Yahoo Group:

"Over the past 2 hours I have been sitting here thinking. This was not a "server issue" folks, this was a test. A test to see how the big dumb monkey would respond when his banana was taken away. Would he just jump up and down and howl and fling poo, or would he attack his care take and destroy his habitat? 
There is no better time to run a test like this than when the system is already crumbling. We citizens are nothing more than a giant lab experiment for those in power. To test new theories on and see just how much more they can force us to take.

And after being witness yesterday to a rather large African American woman going full blown whitey hater and threatening to "burn that mutha fu**a down" over her EBT card being denied while she was trying to buy a candy bar and soda. I have come to the conclusion it is going to take WAY less than I ever imagined to break the camels back, not even a straw will be needed.

Our Nation is crumbling and masses are blind to it , brain washed by special interest programs and reality TV. We are spied on by our Government, lied to by our Government and more or less sodomized by them on a daily basis. Yet we are powerless because the masses just do not care.

This battle for America to be saved is lost, and has been for a long time. Now all we can do is pray and hope we survive the collapse."

Of course, he's absolutely right, but most people have their heads buried in the sand (or elsewhere), or say "God's gonna take care of me" which for most is just a cop out and a way for them to just keep on living like no change is coming.

Yes, for most...many...some God will take care of, but most forget that the Bible also says "the prudent man sees trouble coming and prepares." They also forget that the Bible says "if a man doesn't provide for his family he's worse than an infidel."

They also forget that Jesus said in Matt 24, "as it was in the days of Noah..." when describing the time of suffering just before His return. Then later in one of the epistles, we read, "and Noah prepared for the saving of his household." Since there are no mistakes in God Word, do ya think He might be trying to get folks who actually read the Bible to see that it is their duty to prepare.?

Nah, go back to sleep folks. Go to church today and suck up that happy, happy, Jesus is coming soon pre-trib rapture lalaland pablum. God'll take care of you. Of course, "My way is not your way," says the Lord.

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