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HAARP, Weather Manipulation and Mind Control

Earlier today on the SurvivalHomestead Yahoo Group one of the members shared links to a couple of Youtube videos (see links below). Now, we don't usually discuss conspiracy theories and other tinfoil-hat topics, but since I'd been wondering about some of these things, especially this winter, I watched them.

Here's my response. Thought y'all might find it interesting, too.

Thanks for sharing these. As I watched first the weather control video and then the mind control video, I began to compare what is happening to what I understand of the God of the Bible and the one who hates God and His creation, the very real and very active Satan...Lucifer...the Devil.

October2013BlizzardResultsDeadCattleFirst the weather: I really began to wonder about just any connection between HAARP and weather modification when that freak out-of-season blizzard occurred in the Dakotas in October 2013. Seemed to come out of nowhere, people were totally unprepared, and hundreds of thousands of head of beef cattle were frozen. The result of that kind of massive destruction of a portion of the food chain will be felt for years, and it is already hitting our pockets.

Additionally I've thought about this weird winter where we have continually heard terms like "unusual" "worst" "unexplained" "deadliest" etc., etc. I've watched and wondered.

Now here is where it gets a bit Biblical. Y'all remember the story of the 10 plagues that hit Egypt all in an effort to get Pharaoh to let the Israelites go? Bugs, frogs, darkness, etc. Once saw a show explaining how some of those phenomenon could actually have been caused by a volcano that erupted at that same time on the other side of the Mediterranean.

If so, that in no way negates the power of God...afterall, did He cause the volcano to erupt at that time? Who knows? However, I'm somewhat convinced that He is not adverse to using the power of nature or natural events to shake up and speak a message to humans.

So, since I believe we are in or rapidly approaching the last days, as detailed in Biblical prophecy, and really believe God is well and truly ticked off with the US for some of the things that as a nation we've done, is He using nature or the manipulation of weather by evil men/governments to enact His judgment? Just something to think about.

The mention of Hurricane Katrina is what really got me to thinking, you see if you will do a search for "US natural disasters Israel land for peace" you will get a list of about 20+ disasters that have occurred immediately following an attempt by the US Government to force Israel to give up land for peace. By the way this goes back clear to the first George Bush's day.

Oh, and by sheer "coincidence"...this terrible winter...Kerry (our illustrious Secretary of State...gag!) has been focused on Israel, spending much time there trying to get Israel to agree to a deal where they go back to their pre-1967 borders (which would leave them utterly defenseless since they would lose control of the mountains...he who controls the high ground wins the war). So is there a correlation? Something to think about.

The interesting correlation with Hurricane Katrina is that the storm that would become Katrina began forming off the coast of Africa on the same day settlers in one part of Israel were forcibly removed (just under 10,000), many of them by bus so that the entire thing could be turned over to the Palestinians (who by the way immediately trashed it. Horrible).

So was it a coincidence that when Katrina hit the coast of the US that hundreds of thousands of people were forced to leave...many by bus? The entire area was pretty much destroyed, and in fact, there are many areas in New Orleans that are still empty and abandoned. Something to think about.

You see the Bible says that to those that divide His land (Israel) He will divide theirs. There have been many people for the last 30 to 40 years (well before the starting of the whole land for peace process), most in the last 10 years, who have had dreams and visions of a giant earthquake coming in the center of the country...more specifically the New Madrid fault area...although not much was even known about the fault lines there when folks started having these dreams.

If HAARP and other such devices can indeed trigger earthquakes, is that what God will use...and I use the word "use" to mean will evil men (possibly even our own Government) use that technology to trigger such an event, and God, being omniscient (all knowing) is warning people? Something to think about.

As far as mind control: Notice what I said just above about God being all-knowing. As acknowledged by people of faith everywhere, God is Omnicient (all knowing), Omnipresent (everywhere all the time) and Omnipowerful (all powerful). Now (and here it gets a bit more theological) since Lucifer is a created being (he was not always, he had a beginning when God created him and, like humans, gave him free will), he does not have the three omni's as God.

Lucifer cannot be everywhere at once (he has his fallen angels spread out all over who report to him). He cannot read minds. I know some people think he can, but he can't. Unfortunately, since most of us have absolutely no control over our mouths, anything that we think will ultimately come out our mouths. So he does hear. He's also had about 6000 years to study humans...a pretty easy study. He is also NOT all powerful. He does have a certain amount of power, but mostly his power lies in his ability to lie to humans and manipulate certain individuals into doing his handiwork.

So if he doesn't have the ability to read minds, why not spur on the development of artificial means of reading minds and controlling people. Afterall, allowing people free will is NOT in his game plan. Therefore we should not be surprised that evil governments and people have historically done their best to control humans and force them to obey their masters. It's all about control. Something to think about.

Now, for those believers who might feel a bit of fear trying to creep up on you (especially if you watch those videos...and I've been aware of the essences of both of those videos since about 1999 and all those days of listening to shortwave radio)...I have a few Words of encouragement from the Word of God:

  • "Put on the helmet of salvation" (Eph 6:17) - the helmet covers the mind and I believe by God's power we can claim protection for any attempts to control our minds
  • "God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of love, power, and a sound mind." (2Tim 1:7)
  • "We have the mind of Christ" (1Cor 2:16)
  • "He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty"...Psa 91 (read it all, memorize it)
  • "I give you all power to tread on serpents...and over all the power of the enemy" (Luk 10:19)
  • "And they overcame him by the Word of their testimony and by the Blood of the Lamb." (Rev 12:11)
  • "Fret not because of evil doers. They'll be there one day and when you look for them next they'll be gone [paraphrased]"...Psa 37 (read it all...11 times it promises that the wicked and evil are going to be destroyed, 3 times it says the righteous will inherit the land) (by the way in the Bible, the number 11 is the number of judgment)

While I believe we need to be aware of what is going on, we have to remember that God is still in control, and we do not have to be afraid. Keep doing what you're doing, prepping to survive (overcome) to the end, and don't forget to put on your whole armor...I think we're all going to need it.

HAARP & Weather Modification

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