Thursday, June 5, 2014

What Caused the Moral Decline of this Country?

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Earlier today someone on one of my groups asked this question (after stating how appalled she was at some of the things going on):

"How on earth did this country get into this state of affairs?!!"

Here's my response:

This is definitely not politically correct, but I believe the moral decline of this country can be traced back to a time when American Christians abdicated their duty to be involved and allowed one woman to buck the system. 

She yelled and fought until a few weak-kneed, power-hungry politicians caved and removed the one thing that had ALWAYS been part of educating this nation's children. 

That one thing is what turned out the type of men and women that settled this country, that inspired them a few years later to go against their earthly king and declare independence of a new nation. 

This one thing was the cornerstone of the education system and was taken in covered wagons across the Great Plains and read over the graves that lined the rutted sod.

This thing reached to gold mines, temporary camps along newly laid railroad tracks and was carried in saddlebags on the backs of horses ridden by tired and dirty cowboys.

It was given as part of the haircut to young men enlisting in the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines and was clung to in foxholes, screaming fighter jets and echoing submarines.

This one thing laid the foundation that produced men and women of the Greatest Generation, the very ones that this week are being celebrated and honored for leaving everything to storm up the beach of a country an ocean away, to stem the tide of hatred and genocide.

This thing taught right from wrong; that lying was reprehensible; that cheaters never win; that one was to be faithful to one's commitments; and that murder was never the answer.

Since one woman succeeded in removing this thing from the public education system we have seen an astronomical rise in crime, a lack of respect for parents, and a divorce rate that was climbing higher each year until it became acceptable to live together. 

Children having children became the norm, until abortion became the accepted method of birth control because abstinence was no longer taught. 

And because murder was no longer considered wrong, but instead was taught with mother's milk (or the bottle) from a glowing screen in every room in the house, children believed that knives and guns were the way to settle arguments or to get their point across. Suddenly schools were no longer places of learning, but instead were battlegrounds where at any time a "disturbed" alienated, spoiled-rotten, never-spanked kid would go on a killing spree.

You ask how we got to the point where we have a man in office, elected by the majority (supposedly) that is doing everything possible to finish the job of destroying this country. A man who praises perversion, and is so obviously anti-God that the climate in this country is becoming more and more antagonistic to those that still (for the most part) honor that "thing"?

We allowed the moral compass to be removed and replaced by relativism, humanism, absurdism, accidentalism, aestheticism, agnosticism, atheism, egoism, hedonism, liberalism...and a host of other isms that are all anti-God, anti-righteous, anti-responsibility, anti-life and anti-liberty.

You ask "why?", and I ask "why not?"

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