Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Time is Now

Even though I was raised to believe in an event most evangelical Christians call the "Rapture", I have since come to believe that the event will not occur as I was taught.

In other words, I don't really believe that the Bible teaches that the "catching away" will occur before the event call the Tribulation. Now, I know this puts me at odds with every member of my family and everyone I know.

However, once I saw what the Word really said, then I couldn't just go backward and accept what I considered a lie. While I can't expect to change anyone's mind, I can try to convey how I came to believe that the Word actually teaches a catching-away that occurs pre-wrath.

I've also come to believe that just as God told Noah to prepare for the saving of his household that I've been told to do what I can to prepare.

It helps to know that I'm not the only person out there who is preparing. While the reasons may vary, everyone who is preparing is doing so because they realize that the world as we know it is changing and the changes are such that eventually our very survival may depend on what we do today.

So stick around and see what I have to say. Later.

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