Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day of the Lord e-study

If you've ever been confused by all of the different theories that you've heard concerning the end-times as described in the Bible, then you need to get my new e-study "Day of the Lord". This is a word study that pulls together all of the different variations of the term in the Word of God. Suddenly you will actually see how both old and new testament prophecies say exactly the same thing.

In some instances I have commented on what I understand, but always you are encouraged to study for yourself. However with this e-study guide the time you would have to spend has been virtually eliminated because all of the verses are there arranged by category.

If you have wondered about the timing of endtime events then you definitely want to have this! New information has come to light about the solar system that points to the fact that the year of 2008 could be extremely significant in prophetic events. There is no longer time to waste on getting ahead, pursuing a financial future...no we are on the edge of eternity and you need to prepare mentally and spiritually so that you can be counted an Overcomer. (Scroll down)

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