Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Like a Gun Without Bullets

Fear is a spirit...all fear...fear replaces faith. Fear is the biggest obstacle to having faith. You can have pure water (faith), add in one drop of soap (fear) and you no longer have something that will sustain you, but is only good for tossing out.

Remember Job said: "what I feared has come upon me"

Speak to the fear using scripture. Everytime fear tries filling your head with what if's, speak the Word right back at it. Resist it. Fear is crippling in that it prevents the mind from thinking (just the opposite of the "sound mind" that we've been given).

I say this to everyone, get rid of the fear! As we head into the Tribulation period, we are going to see and hear things that would normally so paralyze a person with fear that if we let it, we will be unable to go on. If anyone thinks that what's coming is going to be just a physical battle to survive, you'd better rethink. All the gates of hell are going to be opened, as satan uses every weapon in his arsenal to rob, kill and destory every soul he can.

More important than having a rifle or gun will be having the Sword of the Word ready to use. Learn to speak out the Word against every problem and every enemy. Learn to take authority by the name of Jesus over every problem the devil and his minions throw at you. If you don't know the Word and how to use it, it'll be like having a gun and no bullets, totally useless.

Strap on your armour folks we're heading to the front lines and, if it hasn't already in your life... the battle is about to engage!

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