Friday, May 16, 2008

Back to Jewish Roots a Problem?

Below is a copy of a thread I posted in a forum at a Chrstian website. Please read it prayerfully and ask the Holy Spirit if there is indeed a problem with the "back to our Jewish Roots" movement popping up in churches all over the place.

"Please don't take this wrong, but I have some concern about this growing tendency in the Christian churches to focus on our Hebrew roots, which seems to be taking away from the focus on Jesus Christ and the Finished Work.

Here's why:

1. A Christian young man (that I know personally) began attending a Messianic synagogue. A year later he has become convinced that Jesus is NOT the Messiah! He is not Hebrew and did espouse Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. Now, he has stepped back into bondage.

2. The Star of David is featured prominently in churches participating in this "back to our Jewish roots" movement and being worn by many christians instead of a cross. For more information about the roots of the star of David: What I find extremely interesting is that I went to find this teaching, I typed in star of david. Where before this teaching had appeared on the first it doesn't appear at all. Every site that came up was promoting this symbol.

What prompted this post was when I was reading a response to another thread. The writer was writing in English and quoting the New Testament but several times used Hebrew names for the scriptural references that most English-speaking people, like me, wouldn't recognize. What is even more interesting, is that the New Testament was not written in Hebrew it was written in Greek! So, if the writer was wanting to go back to the original text, shouldn't they have been using the Greek name for Paul/Saul, instead of the Hebrew?

I see a separation developing where instead of "Jesus" one sees "Yeshua" all the time. Maybe that doesn't matter, but is there much difference in insisting on using "Yeshua" than what the Jehovah's Witnesses do in insisting that one cannot use the name "God"?

Don't take me wrong, I'm not saying anything against our Hebrew roots. My Lord and Savior was born Jewish, God has a special relationship with His chosen people. I am grafted in to the Vine and become an adopted daughter of Abraham...however Jesus came to set the captive free. And while a good understanding of Jewish festivals is vital to understanding prophecy, one must guard against falling back into bondage.

One must be especially diligent NOT to fall for every wind of doctrine. The Enemy will use whatever he can to lead Christians into false teaching. I'm not saying that the "back to our Hebrew roots" is a false teaching...but I do get a check in my spirit when I see a "movement" developing in the church. Unfortunately, the church just loves new movements... and doesn't always use wisdom and discernment in deciding which movement is ordained by God...after all look how entrenched into doctrine has become the pre-tribulation rapture teaching!

I would imagine that when the pre-trib rapture teaching first was introduced, there were some people that felt in their spirit that something wasn't right about that. Unfortunately, the majority decided this was a good teaching, and even had scripture to "back it up" that today on the eve of the Tribulation, we find the Body of christ more interested in prosperity than in preparedness."

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