Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Brace Yourselves America!

Okay, the President has arrived in Israel today supposedly to help them celebrate their 60th anniversary of being a nation. Actually his main purpose is to force Israel to give up land in return for peace. He has sworn that before he leaves office there will be "peace" in Israel.

Unfortunately America hasn't learned her lesson about getting involved in the "land for peace" plan (LFPP). For decades there has been an interesting (most would say "coincidental) connection between the LFPP and some kind of immediate disaster, either personal or natural.

Here's just a brief run down:
  • 10/91 - President Bush (the elder) opens conference in Madrid for the LFPP - the Perfect Storm hits New England and 35' waves crash into Kennebunk Port (Bush's home)
  • 08/92 - the LFPP talks move to Washington DC - Hurricane Andrew hits with $30 billion in damage and 180,000 left homeless
  • 01/16/94 - President Clinton meets with Syrian President to discuss the LFPP - in 24 hours 6.9 earthquake in southern California
  • 01/21/98 - Clinton and Albright snub Israeli PrimeMinister Benjamin Netanyahu - that same day the Monica Lewinski scandal breaks
  • 09/28/98 - Clinton meets with Arafat and Netanyahu to discuss the LFPP - Hurrican George slams into the Gulf Coast resulting in $1 billion in damage...the minute Arafat departs by plane the storm begins to die down
  • 10/98 - Arafat and Netanyahu meet with Clinton in Maryland to continue the LFPP talks - same week Texas is devastated by tornados and floods, $1 billion in damage and declared a major disaster by Clinton.
  • 11/30/98 - Arafat again in US to raise promised funds to build Palestinian State, supported by 42 nations - same day dramatic losses in market capitalization in the billions in Europe and US
  • 12/12/98 - Clinton goes to Palestinian-controlled part of Israel to discuss the LFPP - House of Representatives votes to impeach Clinton
  • 5/3/99 - Arafat scheduled to declare Palestinian state with full Clinton support, although Clinton does request a postponement - Super Tornado storm with winds clocked at 316 mph rages through Oklahoma and Kansas
  • 10/11/99 that week Jewish settlers forced to leave West Bank - Dow Jones suffers worst loss since 10/98, hurricane devastates North Carolina, and 7.1 earthquake hits southern California desert, felt in three states.

That's just a brief look at some of the "coincidences" surrounding the United States' involvement in the LFPP for Israel. Is it any surprise that Hurricane Katrina formed in the same week as a LFPP incident?

If you would like to read a complete analysis of the "coincidences" surrounding the entire LFPP, you might want to check out Eye to Eye - Facing the Consequences of Dividing Israel by Bill Koenig.

Personally I don't much believe in coincidences when it comes to Israel. You know: "if it looks like a duck and walks like a duck..." I think that the occurrence of devastating disasters in relation to the LFPP makes it a "duck".

If this "duck" is real, then Americans had better get braced. If Bush has his way in forcing a LFPP deal in Israel, then we can expect to experience some really nasty disasters in the very near future. If you're not prepared, you had better do everything in your power to get as prepared as fast as you can...then cover your head!

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