Monday, June 16, 2008

Has California Sealed America's Fate?

I used to live in California and I can tell you it really is a "cereal state" ...full of fruits, nuts and flakes! And I know there are Christians living there, but if there was ever a time to cry "get out while the gettin's good!" it's now.

As of today, despite the vote of the citizens of California, gays marriage is now legal. I could care less if they call it a "marriage"... anyone with half a brain knows that a union between two individuals of the same sex is NOT and NEVER WILL BE a marriage! However, California is flaunting their sin and throwing it up into the face of God!

Forget "duck and cover" it' I've heard it so crudely put..."bend over and kiss your butt goodbye!" Unfortunately this decision in California is going to spread like the plague to the rest of the already is. What this means is that God has had it.

Does anyone else wonder at the horrendous "natural disasters" plaguing the US right now? Is it possible that the judgement that began with 9/11 and continued thru Katrina is even now worsening? Look...while the center of the country is drowing in floods, California is burning! Look at the terrible tornados and what they have done this year. Does anyone remember the fires in Florida? How about the terrible blizzards and ice storms. Now it's a 500-year flood! Supposedly the last time it occured the only ones who saw it were the buffalo and prairie dogs!

Is anyone awake?

In addition to the California decision, our President is determined to get Israel to sign away part of her land. Anytime the US has done that, we have suffered the consequences. Now there's talk about the nukes that are already in place in the US, just waiting for the "go" from Al Qaida and other terrorists.

This country has turned her back on God. We're sacrificing children to the god of self-indulgence and greed, the government has become a puppet for power-hungry liars, it's possible an Arab-American could be elected as president (God help us all!), and perversion now tries to change the decrees of God.

We are in sooooo much trouble!

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