Saturday, June 7, 2008

Dreams and Visions

Yesterday, as I watched the evening news and saw how the price for a barrel of oil had reached well over $130 a barrel, and that the prediction was that it would go to $150 before July 4th, I was reminded of Dimitru Duduman's dreams and visions.

Years ago I had heard about this guy from Romania who had come to the United States and was telling about these dreams and visions he'd been having showing the coming destruction of the United States. I finally got the little book that detailed all of his prophecies.

What I had specifically remembered was that the main vision/dream had mentioned a time when "from the middle of the country, some of the people will start fighting against the government"...what could bring the people to a point of fighting the government? With the price of oil and over 7 million...yes, 7 million people in the United States are unemployed, people are getting scared. While the government fails to control the price of gasoline, the oil companies are getting richer (ridiculously so) and middle class America is rapidly sinking into first-time poverty.

People who have been those that contribute to the food banks are now the ones having to ask for help. The only problem with the food banks, is that you don't get enough food to live on. Perhaps that varies from area to area, but I've been at the point in the past where I've had to get food from a food bank, and for the most part there's not enough to really feed a family for even a week, and some of the food banks only allow a person to come ONCE A MONTH!

America, the breadbasket of the world, is facing a time of starvation, and unfortunately most of the country is still so caught up with the NEW opiate of the masses - Entertainment (television, movies, sports) that as long as they have their drug of choice, they don't even realize that the world as they know it has forever changed!

I would recommend that you read the Dreams and Visions of Dimitru Duduman. You judge whether they are true or not...just remember: God has been known to delay judgment for the sake of the elect and repentance, which may explain why America is still standing. However I think the time of delay has passed and before too long America will be facing the judgment of a righteous God.

Hint if you live in California, Las Vegas, New York or Florida you might be especially interested in the vision titled "America Will Burn" from September 1984.

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