Sunday, June 1, 2008

Worse Than Katrina?

Last night my aunt gave me a printout from a preacher named John Kilpatrick about a brief vision and dream he has had in the last couple of months. Normally, I'm skeptical about stuff like this, but this has such a ring of truth that I wanted to pass it along.

On Sunday April 27, 2008 as he was walking into church he had a vision that lasted for about two or three seconds. In his words, "I saw the ground buckling before me. It was so real that I actually moved aside to avoid what I was seeing. I knew immediately that it was an earthquake, and the thought crossed my mind that the damages of this earthquake could have the potential to exceed those of Hurricane Katrina of 2005. Please understand that I am not saying that the Lord told me this; it merely crossed my mind.

Then on Tuesday, May 20 he awoke from a dream "trembling and shaking at 5:00 in the morning." He feels that this dream was tied to the vision he had on April 27th.

"In this dream I saw the words "wind and water." I only saw the words but did not actually see any wind or water damage. I then found myself overlooking a river which instantly became so wide that I could no longer see either of its banks."

"The dream then shifted, and I was with one of my parishioners running through what appeared to be an old abandoned school house. This empty building began to shake. The shaking was so violent and severe that it was like the bucking of a wild horse tossing us around. My teeth were clapping so hard from the impact that I tried to clench them to prevent this from happening."

"In this dream I knew I was experiencing a massive earthquake. The sounds were so catastrophic that the thought crossed my mind that the devastation could likely exceed Hurricane Katrina of 2005. I did not see the devastation behind me; I only heard it. In all of my life I have never heard such catastrophic sounds. These were the scariest sounds I have ever heard."

"The dream then shifted once more and concluded with two names on what appeared to be an old Spanish Map. One name read Indianola and the other Europa. When I awoke I was shaking as if I had chills and a fever. I could not stop trembling. All through the day I felt as if I had just had the dream 10 minutes ago."

"The dream so shook me that my wife and I immediately went to the Internet to do some research. I also contacted some close friends in the ministry and reliable intercessors concerning this dream. What we found was startling. There are towns called Indianola, IL; Europa, MO; and Indianola, MS. These towns runs in a line from North to South with Europa MO being near the middle of them. The Mississippi River runs between them with Europa, MO being by the epicenter of the New Madrid fault."

"After seeing this I believe the dream could be concerning a devastating earthquake on the New Madrid fault. Many reputable friends in ministry have felt that this dream was not to be interpreted as a spiritual dream because they felt that it has literal implications. Even now the intensity of this dream is the same."

He then goes on to say that he's not sharing this to frighten anyone, but that he believes that God gave this vision and dream "as a warning to prepare us for the days ahead". He also says that he did not see any time frame as to when this may happen".

Whether you want to believe that the Bible is the Word of God or not, you need to know that it does say that in the last days there will be devastating earthquakes. It also says that God doesn't do anything before He reveals it to His prophets first (Amos 3:7).

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