Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Trump Clinton a Prophetic Look at the Meanings of Their Names

Several years ago, I learned about how the Hebrew letters, at least those of the ancient Hebrew alphabet, each had significant meanings. That it was possible to look at each letter of a name in the Bible, and it would often give some insight into that person’s character or even accomplishments in life.

For instance, “Elisha” with the letter El (for God, think “El Shaddai”) the “i” sound is “eye”, the “sh” is depicted by teeth and means “double”. Then think about what Elijah said, “If you see me when I’m taken, you’ll receive what you ask.” He’d asked for a double portion of Elijah anointing. He indeed saw it and did receive double.

The Lord gave me the idea to use that knowledge and create a gift and business called Name Blessings. Where I look at a person’s name, and see what insights I could get by applying the Hebrew alphabet to the letters and sounds.

It was fascinating, and proved to be very insightful and even prophetic. For instance, my step-mother’s name is Elizabeth, and the “L” means “teach or train”. She’s a teacher.

My step-brother’s name is Corey. The “K” sound is depicted by an upraised hand, and means control and tame. He’s a police officer, and what does a policeman do when directing traffic? Holds up the flat hand with the palm facing people in a command to stop.

So I decided to see if there was anything to be found in the names of the two presidential candidates. I have to admit there might have been some prejudice since I especially know Clinton’s character, but I found it interesting to see what words and meanings were attached to the letters of their names.

Remember, in the Hebrew alphabet, many of the vowels are missing, so in the name TRUMP, the “U” is NOT designated. Just as in CLINTON the “I” and the “O” are not translated.

After I provide the meanings I found for each letter, I’ll try to do what I do with the name blessings and give an interpretation, seeking the Lord for guidance and understanding.

The reason for beginning with the last name is just because I started off looking at the last names, which proved interesting. Then I decided to add the first names, which I found even more interesting.

Overall, it’s just an interesting look at the two people that could have a great influence on this nation and its future.



T              =             Beacon, miracle, token
R             =             Head, principal, ruler
M            =             Powerful, champion, mighty man, noble
P             =             Blow a trumpet, blowing, mouth, shake

D             =             Entrance, stretch self
N             =             Raise up, drive out previous inhabitant
L              =             Direct, inform, join together
D             =             Banish, gate


As the principal ruler of this nation, Trump COULD BE a beacon of light and a powerful champion for those that have been oppressed, repressed and dispossessed of their rights and freedoms in this nation. Currently he is by his mouth shaking the established political control, and blowing a trumpet of warning. At his entrance into a political office, he will need to stretch himself to rise up to drive out the previous inhabitant of that office and those that would try to control him. With information he will join together with others and finally establish control of the entrance (gate) to this country and banish those that would come here to do harm. 


C (K)      =             Bend to will, tread down, restrain, be afraid
L              =             Bind, yoke, heavy on neck
N             =             Continue, perpetuate, in ambush
T              =             Mark, sign
N             =             Offspring

H             =             Divide half, sever
L              =             Tie, harness, heavy, confine, yoke
R             =             Beginning, first
Y              =             Bring forth, sacrifice


If Hillary gets into office, it is likely that she will force others to bend to her will, tread down and restrain freedoms, causing the nation to be afraid. She will place a heavy yoke and burden on the American people, as she continues and further perpetuates the policies of the one who held office before her. She will ambush even those who supported her, possibly even initiating the forcible marking of all. Her legacy will be of further division, possibly even to the point of dividing the nation in half. It is very possible that she will be the one to actually establish confinement of those that dissent, actually beginning the killing (sacrifice) of those who rise up against her.


T - Token
M - Blood, chaos, drops of, guiltiness
TH - Surround, Contain, Mud
Y – Discover, exile, be gone

K – Guide, occupy, perform
N – take possession of, confirm, continue


As the vice president, Tim Kaine is merely a token. He will be surrounded by drops of blood, chaos, and guilt. He will be surrounded by filth, and if he should try to contain it, it will be discovered, and he could find himself exiled or at the worst dead and gone. However, should he become president, in the event of Hillary being permanently disabled or even dead, he will continue the chaotic policies that surround and abound in the administration. And while he might occupy the White House, he would be more of a performer with possessing no real substance.



M – Champion, innocents, excel
CH – Honorable, tread down, gird on armor
E – delegated influence, liberty, power, right
L – join together, knit stronger

P – spread word, two-edged sword
N – arise, stand firm, builder of a nation
C (S) – hedge of protection


Michael Pence is and always will be a champion of innocents, treading down those that would hurt the weak. He girds on the armor of the Lord, rising in that delegated power to fight for liberty. His purpose in the vice presidency will be to join together and to make stronger, standing firmly on the Word, that two-edged sword to rebuild the nation with a hedge of protection against the evil that would try to destroy her.